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Cultural immersion through participation, not observation!
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My name is Nancy Escabi and with a MS. Ed. from Inter-American University, a B.S. City University of New York and as Head of School at Dorado Academy, (www.doradoacademy.org), a large, private independent PK-12 school on the island, I’m well aware of the specific ciricular your students/ clients need in today’s ever changing field of student travel. And as co-owner of PREP TOURS (Puerto Rico Educational Programs) a responsible, Puerto Rico-based student educational tour company specializing in cultural immersion-based educational and music performance tours, I’m uniquely positioned to help fulfill your client’s academic aims and music performance goals. I’m also the former president of Caribbean Association of Independent Schools (C.A.I.S.) and I’ve chaired Middle States Association for Colleges and Schools accreditations. Moreover, I've arranged cultural exchange activities and countless educational venues for students from visiting schools.

Given the steady rise in the Latino-Hispanic population in the United States, there’s little doubt that some practical background in Hispanic and Latino culture will well-serve today’s students or anyone entering today’s workforce.

Our professionally designed tours are ideal for visiting Spanish classes and music performance groups. At PREP TOURS, it is our goal to have each individual return home with a better awareness and understanding of our relative similarities and differences — in terms of geography and food, language and arts, customs and traditions. Our aim is to broaden your group’s cultural and contextual awareness . This, after all, is basic to any true social communing. No doubt in our ever-increasing global village, such perspectives will prove invaluable in the classroom and workplace.

In short, PREP TOURS’ mission is to both professionally and personally share my lifelong fascination with education and culture. Together with my husband, Paul Borkowski (retired N.Y.C. Dept. of Correction Captain, B.S. Criminal Justice Administration and Planning with a strong background in Puerto Rican Studies and Tourism) as well as safety and security, we’re committed to building awareness and understanding of cultural differences and similarities; to offering tours and cultural exchange activities that are educational, memorable, and oftentimes live-changing for young travelers.

Together with our experienced staff, we will welcome you to Puerto Rico, La Isla Del Encanto, and we will be with you 24x7, not a long distance phone call away.

Puerto Rico, where it’s raining venues.


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