PREP TOURS INC. is a responsible student group cultural immersion-based company that plans, develops and customizes student educational and music performance tours. Our clients consist of stateside student groups including bands, orchestras, and dance groups visiting the island of Puerto Rico.

We also develop educational and music performance tours for student group travel companies. Our tours are educational, memorable, fun, and at times, life changing for astute for travelers.

At PREP TOURS, we combine an educator’s educational focus and music performances with hands on cultural activities that create the ideal mix of musical, educational and cultural excellence not found in any textbook, classroom or rehearsal hall. Our program includes offering visiting students the opportunity to experience a new culture first-hand, perform in an array of music venues in front of receptive audiences, attend clinics, participate in cultural music and educational exchange activities at local schools, make new friends; all while immersing in the breathtaking beauty, culture and history of Puerto Rico.

As a locally-based company-based company we employ no middleman and we will be with you 24x7. We have numerous contacts with local hotels, restaurants, transportation, schools, institutions, guides, performance venues and guest speakers. We customize every tour to meet your specifications and ultimately exceed your expectations.

Oftentimes, cultural exchanges are a highlight for many visiting students; just as local students are excited at the prospect of interacting with visiting students.

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